Features Create invoices, stop or start Internet services for clients

Create invoices, stop or start Internet services for clients

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WebHTB Professional gives you the chance to create invoices and receipts.

Having one or more WebHTB Professional accounts, automatically gives you an invoices app acount.

With just a few clicks you will be able to import from your WebHTB app. the entire list of clients and currency settings. Once imported, creating invoices and bills is very easy.

You can also schedule automated invoices creation, send them to your client through e-mails before the expiry date. If invoices are not billed before the due date, the invoices app. will stop Internet services for that client.

https://invoices.soft-manager.ro/ (not public available now, under development)

Invoices application is not a module of your WebHTB Professional
Why external? Because of important reasons, like: installing various server dependencies, the fact that our website is up and running 99.99 % of the time, we create backups daily, the communication between invoice app and your WebHTB is encrypted.
Invoices and Bills in PDF format
Generating invoices and bills in PDF format makes everything easy, easy to send as attachement to clients into email, to download, to print. This is all also a little safer because editing is a bit more dificult. PDF files are not stored in our server as files, these files are realtime generated from database.
Advantage of WebHTB Professional customers
Buying just one Professional licence, you will be able to create invoices not just for your clients who are inside of WebHTB`s, and for any client/customer with no limited number of invoices, no limited clients and no limited time.
Web Invoices will do tasks for you at specified times
When you want, before the expiry date, the invoices application will blacklist your WebHTB Professional clients without your intervention, any action will be e-mailed to you and to your clients. Blacklisting means internet services will not be delivered and any webpage tryed by that client will be redirected to your announce page.
Import from your WebHTB Professional
Regarding your clients in Web Invoices application, you don`t need to reenter information about your clients, you must specify just the ip where your WebHTB Professional is located.
Exporting information
Exporting to files formats like sql, xml, dbf, xls will be very easy, you must just choose the period of time and status of documents. These files may be imported in one or more applications, as for accounting programs.
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