HowTo HTB versus HFSC, which is better?

HTB versus HFSC, which is better? 39863 views, 0 replies

What packet scheduler is used and what was the reasons for choosing it?

I have switched between the two to try to compare how fast the bandwidth queues are adjusted and the network performance.

I did find with HFSC I get a big more throughput but VOIP seems to take longer to be given the bandwidth.

Under HTB the throughput is throttled back a bit more (problem 100% solved with some secrets) but VOIP seems to get the bandwidth it needs quickly.

HTB it feels more reliable and stable. I ran HFSC for a period and found QOS very slow to respond at times as well and it also caused my DNS to stop responding a few times for some unknown reason. When I went back to HTB it stopped the problem. Here are the definitions and descriptions for both:

* HFSC - Hierarchical Fair Service Curve. Queues attached to an interface build a tree, thus each queue can have further child queues. Each queue can have a priority and a bandwidth assigned. Priority mainly controls the time packets take to get sent out, while bandwidth has primarily effects on throughput.

* HTB - Hierarchical Token Bucket, it is a faster replacement for the CBQ qdisc in Linux. HTB helps in controlling the use of the outbound bandwidth on a given link. HTB allows you to use one physical link to simulate several slower links and to send different kinds of traffic on different simulated links. In both cases, you have to specify how to divide the physical link into simulated links and how to decide which simulated link to use for a given packet to be sent. In other words, HTB is useful for limiting a client's download/upload rates, thereby preventing his monopolization of the available bandwidth.


I choose HTB to make the best and easy traffic shaper into the world !

WebHTB Professional have builtin classes and rules to automaticaly prioritize VOIP, VPN, SSH, ACTIVE DIRECTORY, DNS, DHCP and more, you don`t need to create special rules for this, use WebHTB Professional for other intentions because what is most important for you, WebHTB Pro allready do.

Professional version works perfect, sublime !

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